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  • Economic and environmental impacts of PPCerrado Policy using the Brazilian Land Use Model (BLUM)

  • Autor: Leila Harfuch e Marcelo M. R. Moreira

    The main objective of the Brazilian Climate Change National Policy (Law n. 12.187/2009), regulated by the Decree 7.390 launched in December of 2010, is to reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions, mainly targeting deforestation rates in the Amazon and Cerrado biomes. Regarding the Cerrado biome, the Brazilian Environmental Ministry launched the PPCerrado as an action plan to prevent and control deforestation.
    The most relevant action presented in the PPCerrado is the creation of new protected areas within the Cerrado biome. The potential protected areas were demarcated according to their importance in terms of biodiversity: 18.5 million hectares (ha) with high priority for conservation; 31.2 million ha with very high and 43.2 million ha with extremely high priority for conservation. The Cerrado biome is the most important agricultural frontier in Brazil, and the creation of publicly protected areas means a reduction in the amount of land available and suitable for agricultural expansion. For this reason, the present study aims to evaluate the environmental and socio-economic impacts of creating new protected areas in the Brazilian Cerrado biome.